Supply Primary School


Project Description: Blossoms worked with the Supply Primary School to renovate the school’s library. The renovation of the library required us to replace the broken windows to stop rain and moisture from getting into the room. We repaired the shelves used for the books and repainted them. We also repainted the room to a bright and child friendly hue of blue. We then cleaned out the room and repacked the shelves with over 400 books from donated by Blossoms. We donated a computer, projector and a rug to create a library and media center. We also donated an additional 200 books in 2019 and another 300 books brining the total number of books donated to over 1,000; along with a new computer in 2020 to expand the library. In 2022 we also donated a printer to the school to allow to support the teachers and faculty.

Number of Students Impacted: 249

Date: March 2018 to present