Our Projects

Name: Timehri Primary School 

Number of students: 400 

Date/Year: March 2017- present 

Project Description: Donated over 1,000 books to the school library, along with a printer, teaching supplies, school supplies, rug for the library, and a CD player for the media center.  Partnered with Victoria House Foundation which provided a computer to the school. 

Name: St. Agnes Primary School 

Number of students: 630 

Date/Year: December 2014

Project Description: Provided eight computers to the school to create a computer lab.  Blossoms member Lianne Thompson-Totty set up the computer lab while she was in Guyana. Sent over 700 books to create a library for the school. Provided an all in one printer/copier for the school. Shipped a standing printer to school in fall 2017. 

Name: Houston Secondary School 

Number of students: 500 

Date/Year: October 2015- present 

Project Description: We provided $500 US to pay for school lunches for up to 20 students to have one hot meal per week for one term. Completed a total renovation of the room used for the school’s library.  Provided over 600 books to fill the library.  We hosted a school exchange  project with the school and Thomas Jefferson high school in Richmond Virginia to implement a cultural exchange program between the two schools. 

Name: Golden Grove Secondary School 

Number of students: 500 

Date/Year: March 2017- present 

Project Description: Donated over 500 books to the school’s library.  Organized the first Blossoms sponsored writing competition in February 2018. Received 18 entries and provided cash prizes to the top student entries. We donated items to decorate the school’s library and make it more inviting for students.

Name: Supply Primary School 

Number of students: 249 

Date/Year:  March 2018 - Present

Project Description: The renovation of the library required us to replace the broken windows to stop rain and moisture from getting into the room.  We repaired the shelves used for the books and repainted them.  We also repainted the room to bright and child friendly hue of blue.  We then cleaned out the room and repacked the shelves with over 400 books from Blossoms.  September 2018, we continued our work with the school by donating an additional 135 books along with a computer, and projector.

Name: Soesdyke Primary School 

Number of students: 328 

Date/Year:  March 2018 - Present

Project Description:  Donated 500 books, school supplies, teaching supplies, computer, projector and printer. We set up the computer, printer and projector for the school during our visit.

Name: Kingston Secondary School  

Number of students: 241

Date/Year:  September 2018 - Present

Project Description:  Blossoms donated over 400 books along with pots, pans, cooking utensils, microwave, bakeware, food scale, dishes, and other equipment to support the school’s home economics program


New and upcoming projects

We are very excited to announce that we have added additional schools to our project list this this year.   We will be working with schools in Soesdyke, Timerhi, Supply and Golden Grove while continuing our work with Houston and St Agnes.  We are always looking for new schools to assist so please contact us if you know of a school in need.


Houston Secondary School Library Beautification Project

  • In May 2016, Blossoms of Guyana,  partnered with Houston Secondary School in Georgetown Guyana to build a library for the school. Volunteers, completely renovated and rebuilt the library for Houston Secondary School.  The work required a full scale renovation including repairing the leaky roof, leveling and retiling the floor and painting.  Blossoms will also provided furniture to be used in the school’s library as well as donated over 300 books to the school’s new library.  As part of our support for the School, we also provided  funds to provide free lunches for students in need.  


St Agnes Primary School Library and Computer Lab

December 2014, members of Blossoms of Guyana donated 8 desktop computers to St. Agnes Primary School in Georgetown.  Several   members of the organization travelled to Guyana to deliver the desktops and set up a computer lab for the School.  

Blossoms partnered with St. Agnes to help the School rebuild and improve the learning environment for students. Both Blossoms and the Principal of  St. Agnes, Mrs. Singh, were very excited to be able to provide this opportunity to the students.  Having a computer lab grants students access to a whole new world of learning opportunities. Both students and teachers will be able to utilize the vast number of educational programs and teaching tools available via the web.  Per the Principal Mrs. Singh, she is very pleased with the computers and the both the students and the teachers are happy with the new computer lab.

Over the course of the school year, Blossoms continued to work with St. Agnes by donating over 700 books to St. Agnes to help rebuild the school's library.  After donating both books and computers we provided a copier and printer to support the School's staff and administrators.

Past Works


Drop in Center at Hatfield Street

Blossoms worked with the children at the Drop In Center in Hatfield street  from 2012 until the fire destroyed the home in 2016.  Blossoms volunteers tutored students, provide school supplies, participated in play time activities and read to children.  We also provided scholarships to students.