Kuru Kururu Primary School

Project Description: In June 2021, we started working with Kuru Kururu Primary School. Kuru Kururu is our largest partner school, with over 1,100 students and 50 teachers and staff members. We donated over 1,500 books, three laptops, a printer, and teaching supplies to support the school. We continue to support the school by providing a nutrition program. This program provides meals to low-income students. In addition to the nutrition program, we are also providing the school with a reading specialist that will support low-performing readers as well as providing school supplies to students. School supplies include book bags, pencils, pens, and notebooks.

In September 2022, we provided over 1,300 hot meals, impacting over 100 students, helping to curb the loss of learning caused by hunger, leading to improved student outcomes. Teachers have indicated an increase in attendance and student engagement because of the nutrition program. Because of those provided meals, the student’s reading ability and attentiveness have improved as well. Psychologically, students in the nutrition program develop higher self-esteem and improved behavior.

Beginning in May 2023, we started a counseling program to support student learning. The program’s goal was to uncover the personal challenges each student faced that drove their behavior. The results show that the counseling program has a significant impact on student behavior and academic performance. Because of these counseling sessions, in-class participation increased as students were able to regulate their emotions to socialize and collaborate in group work.

Number of Students Impacted: 1244

Date: Target Start date June 2021