About Us

Founded in 2009, Blossoms of Guyana is a 100% volunteer based  nonprofit organization chartered in the state of Maryland, USA. Our mission is to provide educational support to public schools and orphanages for children living in Guyana.   We accomplish this by providing books, computers, school supplies, and scholarships to help children become self sufficient and realize their greatest potential

Our Organization

Blossoms of Guyana exists to help every child living in Guyana reach their full potential. It is why we were founded  seven years ago and why we continue to work every day.

We know it takes the power of many to improve the lives of the children in Guyana. We work with volunteers and other organizations to increase our impact.

We will remain committed to our goal until every child in Guyana is able to succeed.

Where your funds go

The Blossoms team works hard to ensure that every dollar is used wisely to accomplish the most good!

We help to educate children by focusing on good stewardship and transparency.  For Blossoms of Guyana, our pledge is to be effective in our outreach to those in need by being good stewards of the funds entrusted to us. 

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Blossoms of Guyana

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